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Process and Schedule 

Community input and census data was used to determine how districts should be drawn in Millbrae. To assist with the transition, the City hired Redistricting Partners, a firm that specializes in drawing district lines for jurisdictions.
The formal districting process included five public hearings with the City Council. The City will also host community workshops and attend pop-up events to provide opportunities for the public to engage in the process.
There were two phases of public engagement:
Phase 1: Communities of Interest [COMPLETED]
Prior to any official draft maps being drawn, the public was encouraged to share input to help define local Communities of Interest (COI). This includes gathering information about racial and social demographics, neighborhood geography, and how residents relate to their local City government.
Three public hearings were held to review the process and gather input. Residents could also provide input by filling out Communities of Interest forms.
Phase 2: District Mapping [COMPLETED]
Census data and COI feedback were used to develop draft maps. The public could also submit draft maps through online tools or by hand through printable maps that were provided by the City. Two public hearings were held to collect feedback and review draft maps. The City Council will consider the adoption of a final district map and determine election sequencing during a fifth public hearing.

Please see Public Meeting Materials

for the chronology, reports, submittals, and video.

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